Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig

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The Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig, designed by Bassmaster Elite Series champion, Greg Hackney, is the ultimate compact flipping jig made by Strike King designed specifically for fluorocarbon applications.

Featuring a more compact design than its big brother in the Strike King lineup, the Fluoro Flipping Jig features two unique components: a super-strong custom siwash hook, and a screw-lock baitkeeper for keeping smaller jig trailers locked in place. Its large 0° line tie is ideal for tying with fluorocarbon, and aims to provide more consistent hookup ratios with bass in heavy cover. There are many scenarios on the water when fluorocarbon line is necessary, even while flipping heavy cover. The Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig packs a punch in a smaller profile for those tougher bite conditions. 

  • Ideal for flipping in clearer water
  • Specifically adapted for use with fluorocarbon
  • Compact head design
  • Super-strong custom siwash hook
  • Large 0° line tie for easier connection
  • Superb hooksetting with less line stress
  • Extremely weedless inline profile

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -