Storm Largo Shad

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The Largo Shad is the latest addition to the Storm lineup of baits and is a guaranteed fish catcher right out of the package! Not only is the Largo Shad a durable swimbait with a variety of colors available, but it also has one of the most unique aspects of all swimbaits on the market with its removable tail tendon. By removing this tendon, the bait has a much wider swimming action, allowing anglers to modify the action of their swimbait in a matter of seconds. Whether it's on an Alabama Rig (Umbrella Rig), as a trailer to your favorite swim jig, or on a plain jighead, you can't go wrong with the Storm Largo Shad. 

  • 3": 7 per pack 
  • 4": 6 per pack

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -