Santone Lures Rattlin' Jig

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Santone Lures Rattlin' Jigs are the rough and tumble dirty water rattling jig you've been looking for! These jigs feature super-sharp heavy-wire Gamakatsu hooks, as well as a double rattle system for added fish attraction, which is key to targeting either aggressive bass or those living in dirty and dingy water bodies. A unique chip resistant, powder-coated, stand-up head allows the jig to have a natural presentation when it comes to rest on the bottom and the silicone skirt delivers maximum action as well as it flares with the slightest rod movements or water currents. "I have always been very particular about the little subtle details of the jigs and spinnerbaits that I use and Santone Lures builds all their baits with the fishermen in mind." - Matt Herren, Bassmaster Elite Series Angler

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -