Riot Baits The Tantrum Chunk

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The Tantrum from Riot Baits takes the small profile chunk-style jig trailer and brings it to perfection in an easily snackable morsel with the drawing power for bigger bites. This 2 2/5" chunk-style jig trailer makes an ideal combination with the Riot Baits Minima Jig or Lil' Creeper, but will excel on any bass jig, particularly those increasingly popular compact football and finesse flipping jigs on the market today. With a thick-plastic ribbed midsection that not only puts off more displacement and vibration in the water but also ensures security when threaded onto your favorite jig, The Tantrum is ready to go into battle and can withstand multiple fish catches per chunk. The business end of The Tantrum features two distinct kicking claws that give the ideal action to your favorite style of jig. Whether you're swimming, flipping, dragging, or skipping, The Tantrum from Riot Baits is ready to become your new go-to chunk-style jig trailer. 

  • Length: 2 2/5"
  • 7 Per Pack

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -