Molix Tenax Wide Gap Flipping Jig

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Built with the thickest of cover and vegetation in mind, the Molix Tenax Wide Gap Flipping Jig stands up to the test of hauling the biggest bass out of the baddest places. Equipped with a customized OMTD heavy wire, wide gap hook, this jig is ready to go to battle in any heavy cover flipping scenario, but excels in and around submerged and emergent vegetation. The Tenax jig features a specialized bullet-shaped head, which slips in and out of vegetative cover with unmatched efficiency. Finished with a hand-tied, fine-cut silicone skirt, the Molix Tenax Wide Gap Flipping Jig is the ultimate performance grass jig.

  • Perfect Weedless Effect for Solid Hooksets
  • OMTD Wide Gap Heavy Wire Custom Hook
  • Bullet-Shaped Head Design
  • Hand-Tied, Fine-Cut Silicone Skirt LSS (Live Skirt System)

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -