Molix MF Jig

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The Molix MF Jig is made with tungsten composite, an environmentally safer material that transmits bottom contact in a superior fashion to traditional lead. Built to be the ultimate finesse jig, the MF Jig is extremely sensible and durable. It's made with a new “Bi-Round” head, studied to give this jig a unique action, making it a more versatile finesse jig option for anglers. The Molix MF Jig is made with an ultra-fine cut, hand-tied silicone skirt, and heavy-duty weed-guard, and comes with a custom wide gap heavy wire hook that will not flex, even on the biggest of bass. 

  • Perfect Weedless Effect for Solid Hooksets
  • "Bi-Round" Head Made with Tungsten Composite
  • Fine Cut Silicone Skirt LSS (Live Skirt System)
  • OMTD Wide Gap Heavy Wire Custom Hook

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -