Megabass Super-Z Z2

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The all new Megabass Z-2 crankbait is a workhorse, in-your-face bottom contact crankbait, ideal for mid-range depths and large transition areas. Unlike other smaller-profile crankbaits, the Z-2 easily reaches 10 feet and its weight allows for longer, more accurate casts due to Megabass' patented LBO II weight-balance system. Featuring a "hard contact bill, this allows anglers to better-feel the types of cover or structure the bait crawls over as it tirelessly engages with the bottom. Previously, these features in a crankbait required larger bodies for better buoyancy and bottom contact, but the Z-2 has packed these great features into an unbelievably small crankbait profile. The Megabass Z-2 is the ultimate search tool for targeting mid-depth bass and has a relentless aggression for bottom contact that triggers reaction strikes even from the wariest of bass.

  • Length: 2"
  • Dives To: 10 Feet

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -