Megabass 8" Magdraft Swimbait

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At 8” in length and just over 3oz in weight, the Megabass 8" Magdraft Swimbait is a large meal meticulously crafted for a thumping tail action that travels through the body, giving the head a subtle side-to-side shimmy that sends vibrations through the water column. Built for trophy bass hunting, the Magdraft is equipped with a robust wire-through construction firmly joining line eye to hook for decisive hook-ups and control.

Equipped with a belly slit to bury the hook, and a patented Megabass Mag-Hold System to keep it in place, the big treble hooks don’t get in the way of Magdraft’s natural swimming motion. Furthermore, by keeping the hook tight to the body, it hides the treble from wary predators and gives it the ability to be fished closer to cover than traditional pre-rigged swimbaits. When battles with big bass are on the horizon, you have a new best friend in your pursuit for the biggest predators with the dynamic and versatile Megabass 8" Magdraft Swimbait. 

  • Length: 8"
  • Weight: 3 oz

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -