Megabass Jamaica Boa Buzzbait

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Developed to be a heavyweight contender in a crowded field, the Megabass Jamaica Boa delivers explosive performance that cannot be ignored. The rear-weighted head and rattle-chamber’s secondary function of limiting blade rotation during flight, combine to facilitate long-distance aerial assaults to search out targets far and wide. The Manta Prop’s proprietary shape converts water flow to flash, vibration, and sonic force with a fearsome power akin to a turbine engine, making easy prey of elusive targets. Furthermore, to correct the historical weakness of many buzzbaits, the Jamaica Boa is built with thick gauge high-grade stainless-steel wire to take the fight to heavy cover and brutally head-shaking trophies alike.

MANTA PROP: The exclusive Manta Prop, inspired by the effortlessly powerful movement of saltwater Sting Rays, rotates with surprising responsivity, generating potent waves and dynamic sound for a unique performance that relentlessly stimulates the predatory instincts of discerning bass. Its Hiramen Skirt is reminiscent of a Tai Kabura jig, as the flow of the skirt responds to the vibrations of the blades and the speed of the retrieve, creating a unique lifelike appearance. On the fall or during slow retrieves, the skirt undulates seductively, eliciting a natural reaction in every case. The result? Your chances of a big bite will skyrocket!

LOUD SONIC RATTLE CHAMBER: The powerful rotation of the Manta Prop brings its blade edge in contact with the rattle chamber mounted on the lower shaft arm, delivering a sonic shockwave that invites retaliatory bites from lurking predators. The sonic profile can be fine-tuned to changing conditions by carefully bending the wire form for more—or less—contact between prop and rattle chamber.

V-FLAT & HOVER-CUP HEAD: Unique head-shape delivers nimble recovery from deflections and uncanny bushwhacking ability, opening up new fields for conquest. The Hover-Cup Head provides lift, enabling slower retrieves and quicker start-up after long casts or cover contact. Rear-weighted design improves the castability of notoriously troublesome buzzbaits.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -