Megabass Deep-Six

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When big bass are hunkered down in the depths, the Megabass Deep-Six crankbait hunts them down with its realistic flash and aggressive high-pitch rolling and wobbling, which ignites the instincts of monsters in the deep. Perfectly tuned and designed, this crankbait is an elite-tier option for that ever-popular 15-20 foot cranking zone, which many bass spend their entire lives in outside of the springtime spawn. The super-thin lip of the Deep-Six slices through the water column and maintains the ideal balance required for a steep dive angle, even in heavy current fishing scenarios. Furthermore, the Megabass Deep-Six incorporates Megabass' renowned Multi-way Moving Balancer System of the Deep-X series. While casting, the weight shifts to the rear, allowing maximum aerodynamics and casting distance, which is crucial for deep crankbait fishing. While diving, this weight shifts to the front of the lures, increasing the Deep-Six's dive angle, allowing you to reach its maximum depth and contact bottom faster than any other model of deep crankbait. Once the bait arrives at or near its deepest running depth on any given cast, the weight shifts back and forth during bottom contact to give the Deep-Six its bonafide bass-smashing action. The Megabass Deep-Six is the ultimate deep cranking tool and raids the depths to dominate big bass offshore!

  • Length: 3 1/8"
  • Dives To: 15-20'

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -