Lake Fork Trophy Lures Live Magic Shad

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The Lake Fork Trophy Lures Live Magic Shad has an irresistible likeness to the real thing with its natural shad body and a unique spade-shaped tail that gives a subtle lifelike kick and vibration when the lure is retrieved, or even on the fall. Rigging the Magic Shad is no trick with its special molded-in hook slot that allows for easy rigging of a jig head or worm hook to be fished virtually weedless for fishing heavy cover. Where the Magic Shad shines is as a trailer for your favorite bladed jig, giving it the swimming and kicking action to make big fish commit! The Magic Shad is garlic & salt impregnated which entices the fish to hold onto the lure longer, helping you land more and bigger bass!

  • 3 1/2": 6 Per Pack
  • 4 1/2": 4 Per Pack

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -