Keitech Tungsten Mono Spin Jig

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The Keitech Mono Spin Jig takes finesse fishing to the next level. This tungsten ultra-light jig is best fished on a light-line spinning setup under tough conditions, such as post-spawn fish, heavy fishing pressure, or post-frontal weather conditions. The Mono Jig is extremely strong for its bite-sized package with its custom-designed Katsuichi hook that provides remarkable strength and hooking setting ability. Loaded with high-quality components, the Keitech Mono Spin Jig is perfectly suited for wary bass that refuse typical jig presentations. 

  • 1 Jig Per Pack
  • 3/32 oz
  • Tungsten compound head 30% smaller & harder than lead
  • Compact Round design Hand-tied skirt
  • Sr-40 Silicone Ultra fine cut, ultra-soft, 35 strands
  • Mono guard weed guard - 1 Mono Strand (Hand Glued)
  • #3 Katsuichi Hook

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -