Keitech Model 1 Tungsten Casting Jig

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The Keitech Model I Tungsten Casting Jig has many features not found in an ordinary bass jig. The Tungsten tear drop powder-coated head is perfectly balanced, penetrates all forms of cover with extreme ease, is compact and made from tungsten to give the ultimate fishing experience, and does not roll over when fished on the bottom. The hand-tied 150 strand skirt is produced from Keitech's exclusive SR-40 silicone. This super-soft, fine-cut material provides remarkable life-like action underwater that flares and undulates even with the slightest water currents or movements imparted by the angler. The weed guard is hand glued to ensure perfect alignment above a custom Gamakatsu 3/0 hook, that will have you feeling confident in your hooksets and keeping big bass pinned all the way back to the boat. This compact size tournament winning jig excels under all conditions and is the only jig to throw when the money's on the line!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -