Joe Bucher Super TopRaider

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The Super Topraider lure is built with two rotating props for extra noise and commotion of the water. The TopRaider can be retrieved at a slow or fast pace – perfect choice for large gamefish (Musky or Northern Pike). Cast it out with a steady retrieve and hold on.

Always use thick diameter, heavyweight line for topwater fishing to reduce line drag & sinkage which improves overall buoyancy. A medium to heavy power musky action rod of at least 6 feet helps promote better hooksets. Cast, retrieve faster initially while simultaneously lifting upwards on the rod tip to lift as much of the line off the water as possible. Level off your rod tip angle as the lure nears the boat finishing up with the rod tip actually touching the water. If the target is a Musky, always finish with a figure 8 maneuver at boatside to trigger any followers.

Weight: 3.25 oz

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -