Joe Bucher Depth Raider

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Designed for nearly every big game fish species (Musky & Northern Pike), cast or troll around heavy cover such as weeds, sunken timber and rocks.

Maximum running depth of a Depth Raider varies depending upon several factors:

- length of cast or troll (from rod tip to lure)
- diameter of line (thinner the line, the deeper it will run)
- speed of retrieve or troll (faster retrieve/troll results in a deeper running bait)

For maximum effectiveness, work the Depth Raider with a high rod angle, whether casting or trolling. When the lure collides with cover, immediately drop the rod tip, to create a momentary slack line which allows the Depth Raider to float up backwards from the snag. The sudden reverse rising motion backs the lure out of most snags. Resume your retrieve or troll with a sudden rip forward of the rod tip to free any remaining cover clinging to the lip or hooks.

Weight: 2.5 oz

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -