Jewel Baits Football Jig 2 Pack

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Jewel's Football jig was designed with one thing in mind - catching fish. In addition to its classic rock-crawling football profile, Jewel also designed a flat spot and a scoop on the head that helps this jig do much more than just scoot across the bottom. The flat portion allows the jig to stand up properly on the bottom and the scoop makes the jig "jump" as it comes across the bottom. These features combine to generate a great fish-catching acton on the Jewel Football Jig.

Features include:

  • Jewel's exclusive custom-designed Mustad Ultra Point hook
  • Full skirt with rattle option
  • Fiber weedguard
  • Chip resistant powder coat finish
  • Wide variety of colors

*Note: Images above only show skirt color options, jigs will be shipped with jig and skirt attached*

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -