Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler Scrounger Head

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Taking premium componentry and packing it into a hard-hitting jighead for maximum disturbance in the depths, the Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler Scrounger Head has a strong, hard-thumping vibration that puts the hogs in a feeding frenzy. With a time-tested construction, the Hog Wobbler Scrounger Head features a grooved ball head design and pliable rubber bill that creates a shimmy-inducing water resistance as it maneuvers through the water. Where the Hog Wobbler Scrounger Head excels is taking virtually any soft plastic bait and inducing a strike-triggering wobbling action that imitates the natural swimming motion of a baitfish, bringing your trailer to life. A modified trailer keeper that features both a wire spike and conical lead barb locks your favorite scrounger head trailer into place and is backed by a razor-sharp hook (in varying hook sizes depending on the weight). Hitting the mark yet again, Hog Farmer continues to bring quality baits to the bass market with the Hog Wobbler Scrounger Head!

  • Includes 2 heads, 2 bills, and 2 snaps per pack
Popular Trailers for the Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler Scrounger Head:
  • Hog Farmer Spunk Shad Pintail
  • Castaic Jerky J
  • Any fluke style trailer
  • Small Swimbaits

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.