Fitzgerald Fishing Texas Jig

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Designed in Florida for fishing the thickest cover, the Fitzgerald Fishing Texas Jig has proven to be effective anywhere you are fishing heavy cover or open vegetation alike. The Texas Jig is designed to be fished in heavier models in the thickest cover and can be fished with or without a skirt, like a texas rig, hence the name "Texas Jig".

The Texas Jig has two specially designed weed guards that allow it to be flipped into the heaviest of cover without hanging up and still have a great hook-up ratio. This jig is designed to be fished anywhere you would typically flip or pitch a Texas Rig or a punch skirt rig. This jig excels when fished in reeds, buggy whips, tule reeds, Kissimmee grass, hydrilla, and wood.

The weed guards on the Texas Jig are fully adjustable. If you want the guards close to the hook for a super sensitive hook up just bend them down and they will stay close to the hook. If you want the guards farther away to make the jig more weedless then just push them away from the hook. If you want the guards closer together or farther apart that is possible as well.   

  • The ultimate double weed guard
  • Heavy-duty Gamakatsu hook
  • Spike Trailer Keeper
  • Extremely versatile, pitch it, flip it, or swim it
  • Premium Starflash skirt
  • Ideal for fishing grass or wood
  • Hand-made in the USA

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -