Strike King Denny Brauer Rattlin Pro-Model Jig

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The Denny Brauer Rattlin Pro-Model Jig from Strike King sets the standard for those looking for a premium rattling jig, suitable for various fishing scenarios. The Pro-Model Rattlin Jig has a new head design and an improved rattle chamber, both of which enhance performance in and around heavy cover and structure alike. The larger rattle has one big open chamber that enables it to produce sound even with the slightest movements, drawing more strikes when bass are preferring a rattling jig presentation. Featuring a larger, extra sharp Mustad® Ultra Point Hook and premium camo-flash skirts, the Denny Brauer Rattlin Pro-Model Jig is truly at the top of the rattling jig category of baits and is a must-have in dirty water scenarios.

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -