Booyah Covert Colorado Willow Blades Spinnerbait

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The family of professional bass angler Jason Christie has tinkered with and tuned spinnerbaits for more than 40 years. That knowledge is why Jason is known as arguably the best spinnerbait fisherman of all time. He has an unmatched devotion to spinnerbaits and demands excellence when choosing them, and now that same dedication to quality comes to all anglers with the Booyah Covert lineup.

The Booyah Covert Colorado Willow Tandem Spinnerbait is a great option when covering shallow water, when you need the extra lift of the front colorado blade to keep your bait up in the water column and the ability to fish around cover with reduced hangups. The head design of the Booyah Covert Colorado Willow is modified after a traditional Booyah spinnerbait and features a special raked-out gill to offset the blade torque and keep the bait running true. The Covert Series is also fitted with non-plated 17-7 stainless steel bronze wire for providing increased durability and aid in blade vibration, which also helps protect against corrosion. A wire trailer keeper holds any added soft plastics while the super-sharp hook has the horsepower needed for a big bite. In addition to the color patterns, top-quality Hildebrandt blades have been added to the lure for the highest amount of flash and vibration possible.

  • Available in several skirt and blade color combinations!

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