Bomber Model 6A

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The Bomber Model 6A is a timeless classic within the mid-depth range category of crankbaits and is an all-around workhorse that dives deeper than the original Model 5A. With a more slim body and a tighter, faster wiggle, the Model 6A is a great option when you don't need a hard, wide-wobbling crankbait and excels during colder weather conditions or when fishing pressured bodies of water. A staple for avid fishermen of all species, the Bomber Model 6A is known for its durability, true-running dependability, and pure fish catching ability, giving it the title of a perfect "go-to" crankbait. 

  • Length: 2 1/8"
  • Weight: 3/8 oz
  • Dives: 6-8 Feet

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -