BioSpawn Vilebug

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The BioSpawn Vilebug is a perfect flipping bait, the body has flanged claws for enhanced action when trailing a jig or Texas rigged. The collapsible body slots along the ribs create air bubbles, ideal for dragging along the bottom on a Carolina Rig, or on a wobble head. The veined, segmented body was crafted with detail to resemble the creatures that big, trophy bass feast on!

The streamlined, flat body of the Vilebug allows the bait to glide on the fall and to slip in and out of heavy cover easily.
The wide design of the Vilebug is the enhanced ability to skip the bait under boat docks, overhanging trees, and other forms of cover.
The unique gaps in the body of the Vilebug enhance its ability to hold liquid scent while simultaneously displacing more water as the bait sinks in the water column.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -