Berkley Powerbait Beat'n Paddle Frog

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Just when you thought it was not possible, topwater frog fishing just got a whole lot more exciting with the new Berkley Powerbait Beat'n Paddle Frog! This frog features paddle-style feet that kick along the surface and create a unique sound that big bass can hone in on and crush even in the thickest of topwater cover and vegetation. The ultra-real look and lifelike HD colors seal the deal for getting bass to commit - giving you the ultimate topwater frog fishing experience. The Beat'n Paddle Frog features hook point keepers that work for both single hooks or double frog hooks and conceal hook points to allow you to fish this bait snag-free even in the gnarliest heavy cover. This frog is also incredibly durable, a feature uncommon amongst topwater buzz-frogs and will have you landing fish after fish without burning through packs of baits. Bring your topwater frog game to the next level with the all-new Powerbait Beat'n Paddle Frog from Berkley!

  • Designed to be fished with either a single hook or double-frog hook
  • Also comes in special HD Tru Colors
  • Length: 3.9"
  • 5 Frogs Per Pack

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -