Bassman Spinnerbaits TW Series Tandem Blades

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Of all the Bassman Spinnerbaits, the TW Series is the workhorse for all around fishing. This spinnerbait is designed to be incredibly snagless and with the Black Hi Tensile Stainless wire the blades emit the maximum vibration.

The Tandem Blades produce a slightly harder thump when going through the water. The small Colorado blade also helps to slow the spinnerbait down if needed. The circular shape of the Colorado blade offers more resistance in the water, slowing down the bait and creating more vibration.

Notable professional anglers such as Carl Jocumson and Seth Feider have been seen throwing this spinnerbait in and around some of the nastiest cover with zero issues getting the bait back to the boat. 

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -