Bassman Compact Mag Willow

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Designed with the input from Australia's Carl Jocumson, this is a small spinnerbait aimed at finicky fish, but features a mag-version willow blade for a unique thumping flash appeal. A hard-hitter in a small package, the Compact Mag Willow spinnerbait from Bassman Spinnerbaits brings the draw of a big spinnerbait in a sleek and compact profile. 

Featuring one colorado and one mag willow blade this spinnerbait can be fished either fast or slow and gives a unique combination of thump and flash, almost like a cross between a willow and an Indiana-style blade. Bassman uses some of the finest wire available for their spinnerbaits and it can really be felt by how hard this compact spinnerbait thumps. Additionally, the compact size of this spinnerbait is great at getting through laydowns and remaining weedless. 

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -