Arsenal Neko-Wacky Tube Plier

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As neko rigging has taken off in popularity, the standard “O-ring” is no longer sufficient. The Arsenal Wacky-Neko Tube Plier and Tubes eliminate the issues standard O-rings have. The tube is a thicker material and covers more surface area of the worm, thus holding the worm much more secured. Neko and Wacky rigging can be done with very thin or thick worms, Arsenal has solved this by offering the tubes in multiple sizes to suit any bait you might throw. See the sizing description below. 

-Pliers and Tubes sold separately. 

-50 tubes per package

5MM – Roboworms, Daiwa Neko Straights, Z-Man Craws, Yamamoto 3″, Missile Craw Worm, Finesse Worms, Jackall Flickshake.

6MM – Speed Worms, Small Craws, Zoom Trick Worms, Slugs

7MM – Yamamoto Senko 4-6″, Daiwa Neko Fat 4″, Yamamoto Fat 3-4″, Berkley General 5”

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -